About us

We provide the aluminum industry and other businesses a wide and comprehensive range of services. We also design and manufacture various types of machinery, hardware, and instruments


With one of the best-equipped machine shops in Iceland. Established in a new, customized building, that includes CNC lathes along with milling machines.

Quality policy

Our strategy is to be among the leading companies in our field and offer desirable services and products that meet the highest demands of all our customers.

Aluminium indurstry

Over the past two decades, we have worked on numerous projects related to aluminum smelters worldwide. These include the design, construction, and installation of individual machines


The department specializes in the design and development of automated equipment that is in use in numerous fields and services worldwide


Our construction projects have been diverse, such as schoolhouses, residential and suburban buildings, as well as bridge construction, both in the east and in the capital area of Iceland

Mobile Anode Spike Removal Machine (ASRM)

VHE recently delivered an ASRM to a smelter in Slovakia, this is the third ASRM delivered. Other customers using the ASRM are in Iceland and Germany.

The ASRM is easy, to use it removes/reduces spikes efficiently. The ASRM is transported by a forklift to the pot and the anode lifted / lowered into the machine by the PTM’s. It’s connected to the HPU outlet of the forklift as well is the control box plugged in by a Harting plug connection.

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Specialized equipment

Meeting increasingly stringent demands on the productivity of equipment and systems is the challenge of all manufacturing companies today. We at VHE design, fabricate and install equipment and systems for customers in many parts of the world and have specialized in service to the aluminium industry. In addition, by integrating different equipment and systems we can also help converting waste from cost to contribution.

Icelandic energy companies

Renewable energy sources have created a great quality of life for the public in Iceland. The slightest changes in their utilization may have a significant effect for future generations. VHE has, in cooperation with Icelandic energy companies, designed and developed equipment’s and systems to maintain and service power plants and wells and their utilization.


To meet the requirements of construction work with regard to utilization and market demand is a challenge that VHE has adopted to meet since the establishment of its construction division. We produce everything from concrete elements in our factory at Egilsstaðir to on-site cast, various concrete structures according to the wishes and needs of each customer and project.