VHE provides all general services to the mechanical engineering industry

For example steelworks, aluminum and stainless steel construction, maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment, construction and repair of hydraulic and vacuum systems, hydraulic pumping stations, hydraulic and air lanes, etc. VHE also operates an electrical workshop that performs all general electrical work, as well as molding, installation of equipment and maintenance. Our staff has extensive experience in mechanical and electrical engineering for industrial companies, as well as construction companies.

VHE‘s mechanical workshop undertakes conventional metal and welding work in all aspects of fabrication and maintenance. The workshop is very well equipped with machines and tools for cutting and welding. Welders are certified for all major types of welding. 

VHE‘s mechanical workshop has substantial experience of projects for heavy industry and shipping:

  • Fabrication and maintenance of machinery and equipment, installation and testing
  • Fabrication and maintenance of steel framed buildings and their installation
  • Fabrication and maintenance of steel structures such as silos, platforms, stages, bridgework, etc.
  • Maintenance of ships and onboard machines for processing

VHE has one of the best-equipped machine shops in Iceland. Established in a new, customized building, it is equipped with the best available tools and machinery. This equipment includes CNC lathes and milling machines, together with traditional lathes,  and milling and boring machines of various sizes and capacities. 

Particularly noteworthy machines include one of the largest horizontal boring machines in Iceland, able to handle items up to 5 meters in length, 3 meters in height, and weighing up to 20 tonnes, and an 8-axis manufacturing lathe.

The workshop is able to handle both large and small projects, including working all major metals and plastics, both for repair and new fabrications.  VHE has in-depth knowledge and experience in the manufacture and repair of pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders and gearings. Additionally, VHE also manufactures a range of smaller items, such as hydraulic hoses and pipe fittings.

The hydraulic and pneumatic workshop at VHE is responsible for the fabrication and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems for machines and equipment, installed on both land and ships. The workshop operates in close co-operation with Landvélar, a subsidiary of VHE and agent for a number of well-known producers of components for hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including Rexroth and Parker.

VHE‘s vehicle workshop undertakes all general repairs to industrial vehicles, such as forklift trucks and cranes. The workshop has particular expertise in gearbox and turbine repairs. Preventative maintenance contracts are offered for industrial vehicles. The workshop also undertakes routine lubrication service for larger vehicles such as trucks, mobile machinery, and large 4×4 vehicles, and is an accredited agent for Olís, one of the major Icelandic oil companies

The electronic workshop is responsible for developing and producing the necessary controllers for the equipment produced by VHE. The workshop is fully equipped for both service and production.
The service provided is among others, repair of welding machine and other industrial equipment as well as calibration of measurement equipment