All general fabrication is handled by the workshop in our East Coast location

Everything from carbon steel, aluminium, and stainless steel. In the workshop, we provide all general maintenance service for equipment, machines, hydraulic cylinders, and systems. In our electrical workshop, we fabricate electrical cabinets as well as providing maintenance services and installation of equipment.

VHE´s East Coast mechanical workshop is located spacious lot just outside the fence of Alcoa plant.

The main tasks of the workshop is a range of services to the aluminium smelter such as:

  • Maintenance and improvement of equipment’s
  • Repair and development of equipment and systems
  • Fabrication of new equipment
  • Pot-shell repair
  • Repair of anode rod assembly’s (conductors in the anode)
  • Shot blasting and painting
  • Maintenance and repair of cylinders and hydraulic equipment
  • And more.

From our masonry parking workshop, we undertake pot shell repair for pot room and crucibles in rodding shops along with various repair and maintenance of ducts and equipment.

In the workshop, we manufacture pre-casted elements used for re-lining crucibles and also for ducts in the casting system. Masonry workshop possesses baking oven where the precast elements are baked before they are installed.

Repair and re-lining of electrolytic cells for pot room Alcoa Fjardaal is quite an extensive part of the company’s plant. Inside Alcoa premises, VHE operates Pot repair workshop center, responsible for disconnecting cells, breaking off the inner wall and liner from them, clean and re-lining them.

When the pot shell has been refined and sandblasted it is moved to VHE workshop where it is inspected and repaired.

At this point, the pot shell is moved back to the pot repair workshop center for re-lining and installation of cathodes. The cell is then transferred back into the pot room, connected to the electrical conductor and preheated before startup.

VHE operates a concrete element factory in Egilsstadir. The factory produces elements of many shapes and sizes suitable for both residential houses as other buildings.

The factory also manufactures special elements of various types such as stair elements, retaining walls, foundations and many more.

At the location in Reyðarfjörður we have a professional surface treatment workshop including sandblasting and paint shop.

With engineering service at our East Coast operation, we provide design and development of machines and systems, project management, cost analysis, preparation of tender documents and project management.

Our store offers a wide product range with an emphasis on service to our customers.

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Pot Repair

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Mason Workshop

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Mason & Sandblasting

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Surface Treatment

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Ingólfur Hreinsson
Mechanical Engineer B.Sc