VHE’s policy for Safety, Health and Environmental (HSE)


One of our main objectives is to provide a safe workplace and working conditions for all its personnel. Safety, Health and Environmental aspects of all work conducted, is integrated into our business.

Our HSE-policy is achieved by complying with Icelandic- and foreign laws and regulations relating to safety, health, and environmental aspects.

Our main objectives are:

    • That every employee feels safe at work and returns home unscathed.
      • That our working environment is maintained safe and healthy.
      • To protect and nurture the environment by minimizing the environmental impacts of our work.
      • To continuously improve in HSE related matters.

    Ways to enforce these goals:

    Provide the same safety health and environmental standards for everyone that works on behalf of VHE, that includes work of consultants, service providers, and sub-set clear goals and constantly improve our company’s safety, health, and environmental performances.

    • Assess the working environment and the well-being of our employees on a regular basis by the management of health, safety, and environmental issues.
    • Promote awareness concerning safety, health, and environmental issues with education and training.
    • Conduct risk assessments and risk mitigations
    • Ensure the safe handling of hazardous materials (waste management).
    • Expand employees’ awareness of safety, health and the environment to minimize the use of operating and office products.
    • Reuse and recycle surplus materials and discard waste responsibly.

    VHE is an active participant in the community, and we contribute to sports associations, cultural- and youth work and other charitable associations.

    Our company operates and develops an effective safety, health and environmental plan with the aim of managing and minimizing risk factors. HSE policy is reviewed on a regular basis and updated accordingly.