Anode Stub Protection

Key features of VHE´s Anode Stub Protection:

  • Protects from ring erosion
  • Lower iron level in the aluminium
  • Integrated Stub Protection System facilitates maximum anode life

For further information, kindly contact us at: VHE’s Anode Stub Protecton system protects pins/stubs from ring erosion. Ring erosion may not only cause damage to the stub, but also results in high iron levels in the aluminium, necessitating additional treatment in the casthouse. Protecting pins with carbon collars is a proven method of preventing ring erosion. The VHE collar forming machine is fully automatic. The machine has a fast throughput and is easily installed in existing rodding plants.


VHE’s collar filling machine accurately measures and dispenses carbon paste into the preformed collars. The filling system ensures even distribution of paste and provides a virtually dust-free operation to produce uniformly shaped collars accurately centered around the pin.